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Monday, April 5, 2010

Category: Change, God's Word, Spiritual Life, Your Walk With God

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever” (Isaiah 40:8).

A leader in my church told me about one of his recent business trips. He had been working pretty hard, so when he got on the plane to come home he found a quiet seat in the back row and settled in to spend some time feeding his soul from God’s Word. Later, as he exited the plane, he felt refreshed and encouraged because of his time in the Word. He said, “I couldn’t help but notice that littering the seats were all kinds of papers and magazines: USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, New York Times. They had been read and thrown down, and that was the end of it. But under my arm—and in my heart—was the eternal Word of God.”

His witness is to the power of God’s Word—a source of strength and wisdom and peace that we often neglect. How many times this week have you flipped through a magazine or newspaper or aimed the remote control? How often did you surf the web? In comparison, how many times did you pick up and read the book God wrote? We make all kinds of time for the words of men, and yet we’re often too busy to open the Word of God.

If you want to benefit from the Bible, you’ve got to get what’s inside it, inside you. It’s not doing any good on your desk or your shelf. It doesn’t matter if you have a really impressive one sitting on the coffee table. In order to benefit from the Bible, you’ve got to make it a priority in your life to pick it up.

Set your Bible by your nightstand and promise yourself: “I will not lay my head on the pillow at night until I’ve taken time to feed myself from God’s Word.” Or do it in the morning: “I won’t check my cell, I won’t get on the computer, I won’t head off to work until I’ve had some time with God in His book.”

Follow the lead of my friend on the airplane. Make time. I challenge you in Jesus’ name to spend one hour reading and meditating upon Scripture every day this week. I guarantee it will absolutely change your outlook.


Hope Springs Eternal
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