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Authentic Oneness
Weekend Broadcast - Always True

Help with a Difficult Obedience - Part 1

It’s the number-one complaint of Christians: God seems far away. If you want to feel fresh waves of Jesus’ love washing over you and His presence drawing near, start by examining your obedience. As Jesus is about to depart, He explains the provision of the Holy Spirit and the offer of His abiding presence—a presence that is both a resource and reward for every step of obedience.

God at Work - Mike and Debbie DeMaira


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Watch as one family is impacted by an invitation to church. 

God at Work - Jon Kelly


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The story of how one man met God. 



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Authenticity doesn't just happen. It requires discipline.

Men's Conference 2013


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January 26: Harvest Bible Chapel Elgin and Rolling Meadows. 

The Ride - Trailer


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Premiering at Harvest Bible Chapel on Christmas Eve.

Holy Land Israel Tour 2013


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Travel to Israel with James and Kathy. April 19-28 2013.

God at Work - Karen Witt


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One woman's story of God's provision.

Vertical Church Tour 2012


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Recap of the 40-city Vertical Church Tour across North America.

God at Work - Anthony Acevedo


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One man's story of turning from the Latin Kings to the King of Kings.

Church Planting Around the Globe


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Harvest Bible Fellowship 2012

Harvest University 2012


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Closing message of Harvest University.

The Cross


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An original spoken word video, featuring Alex Callaway.

Authentic Jesus Series Intro


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Introduction to the series, "Authentic Jesus".

For The Glory Of God


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Changed lives.  God's plan for change begins with conversion.

God at Work - Bob Koonce


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The impact of the unapologetic preaching of God's Word.

Lord Change Me - Intro Video


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Lord Change Me Intro Video

One Story


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Together, we are changing lives. See how the sharing of God's truth has impacted this one.

July 2011 Baptisms


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God moved in a powerful way in the lives of 264 people at Harvest Bible Chapel.

Church Planting 2011


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Harvest church planting video, premiered at Harvest University 2011

God at Work - Scott Faulkner


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A story of redemption in the life of one man.

Harvest Bible Chapel Baptisms


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God is actively working in his church, transforming broken lives into edifying members of the body of Christ.

God At Work: Rob Weincek


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See the powerful movement of God in the life of Rob Weincek

Partner Weekend


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Walk in the Word hosted a Partner Weekend with Partners from 22 states and Canada.

Walk in the Word Daily Broadcast

Authentic Oneness

Authentic Oneness

Reality Check

Reality Check


Walk in the Word Weekend Broadcast

Always True: 5 Great and Precious Promises of God

Always True: 5 Great and Precious Promises of God


From the Series

Authentic Oneness

Authentic Oneness

Authentic Oneness from John 13-17. Part of the Authentic Jesus series, a study in the Gospel of John. Preached by James MacDonald at Harvest Bible Chapel.

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